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The Best Range Of Salt Chlorinators

Are you after the best Australian made salt water chlorinator? Look no further, because Purapool has just that! A robust advanced chlorinator that outlasts many imported salt water chlorinators on the market.

The simplest and most convenient way to keep your pool healthy is with automatic saltwater chlorination. All our machines are manufactured and designed in Australia to the strictest of quality standards. Durable and robust their cleaning performance is second to none. Purapool’s residential chlorinators and Mineral Oxygen Systems greatly reduce the effort and chemicals required to maintain and keep your pool looking clear and sparkling every day!

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Summer is better with salt, so we made “salt” even better. The Purachlor® BLU are locally manufactured right here In Australia as the next generation of salt systems for pools.

Salt systems and salt chlorinators have been around for years, but nothing like this. It’s time for a chlorine generator that pool professionals and homeowners will all love to use.

  • - Produce pure chlorine without tablets or shock
  • - Salt chlorination leaves the water feeling smooth and soft
  • - More durable and easy to use design
  • - Clear salt cell design so you can see when it’s time to clean
  • - No flow switch or temp sensor required
  • - Clean with ease thanks to the advanced plate technology.